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Cheetah Conservation Fund

April 5, 2012

Cheetahs are extinct in nearly half the countries they once inhabited. Their population has dwindled down to roughly 10,000, just 10% of what their estimated population in 1900. The cheetah is in fact the most endangered cat in Africa.

The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is working to change this through a number of initiatives including the following:

  • Science and Research:  via a variety of research programs, the CCF provides scientific support for conservation activities.  These include cheetah census research, biological research (including genetics), ecological research (including vegetation and prey base studies), and research into conflict between humans and wildlife.  The CCF also works closely with many research institutions including the University of Namibia, the Smithsonian Institution, EarthWatch Institute and more.
  • Education Programs:  these include school outreach programs, farmer training and community outreach (90% of wild cheetah in Namibia live on farmlands and come into conflict with livestock and farmers), the operation of the Field Research and Education Centre which conducts both informal and formal education programs as well as providing training to both foreign university students and Namibian students. To view the full list of programs through which the CCF seeks to raise awareness of both the cheetah’s plight and the role of society in its long-term survival, click here.
  • International Collaboration:  CCF shares insights on successes  in cheetah conversation efforts, lends resources and support including CCF materials, and assists in training programs in other countries where cheetahs live including South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Iran and Angola.  Additionally they are working with the authorities in India to re-introduce cheetahs in India.
  • Library and Resources:  including scientific papers and publications, progress reports, lectures and presentations, interviews and articles, factsheets, tv/radio and video highlights and international cheetah studbooks.

To learn more about the Cheetah Conservation Fund and how you can get involved, including volunteering opportunities in Kenya and Namibia, click here.

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